Big agency ideas, without the big agency.

Over my 18 years experience as an Advertising Creative, I've worked on hundreds of pitches. From cracking the big thought at the very start, to managing a team up right up to the line, I love pitches - even at 3:46am. If you have a project which needs something similar, I am available to own a project from start to finish. See some of my work below.

TAC / It's People Like Us

Together with The Taboo Group, Guilty Content, and Academy Award Winning Director, Eva Orner, I helped tackle the rise in mobile phone use while driving. The solution was not an 'ad', but a documentary that followed the lives of 5 everyday Australians, and their addiction to their mobile. Along with the film, there was a national PR campaign, and several mini-films that covered how our culture is guilty of this deadly habit. I helped create the content around the film, and build and activate the launch campaign. Watch the full documentary here.

Latitude Financial / You Can Do Better

When you have to build the brand of a finance company overnight, using a celebrity is a decent shortcut.  Alec Baldwin introduced the Latitude Betterers to Australia, telling them they can do better than defaulting to their big bank.


Media can target people based on someone's location, age, gender, and interests. Emote is a technology powered by IBM's Watson that can target people based on how they feel. Selling Insurance? Target people who are fearful after reading an article about a terror attack. Selling ice cream? Target people who are feeling joyful after reading about a baby Panda being born at the city zoo. 

ME Bank / Life & Loan Calculator

All mortgage calculators are the same. They all start with 'how much do you want to borrow?'. We redesigned the mortgage calculator to start with 'how do you want to live?', and then show properties in neighbourhoods that matched lifestyle, and budget.

Fearless App

Before the launch of Apple's Watch, I held a hackathon to solve a societal problem using the technology. We focussed on solving the problem of people feeling unsafe walking the streets at night. We created Fearless, the watch app that alerts friend and family of your location, and records audio if you are in distress.

Australian Labour Party / Abbott's Internet

In the 2013 Federal Election, we needed to showcase just how crap the ALP's proposed broadband plan was for the country, especially when you compare it to the rest of the world. So we branded Abbott's Internet, and tried to sell it across the world. The response was predictable: 'The worst deal ever'. The video was viewed over 1 million times during the campaign.

Carlton Draught / Draught Pick

The game within a game. Within a phone. Within a pub. AFL fans could play along live and earn a cold beer in the meantime. In it's first year, the game had 75,000 users playing over 1.3 million games.

JetStar / The Thank You Department

Everyday people vent their grievances on social media about poor experiences on low-cost airlines. We wanted to shine a light on the positive conversations, so we made a department which sent out surprise thank you gifts to those that enjoyed their flight on Jetstar. We scoured Instagram for people that have mentioned #jetstar, and then with a bit of research about what that person loved, we sent a gift that showed just how much we appreciate them flying Jetstar. 


Carlton Draught / Beer Chase

The internet loves a Carlton Draught ad. But for Australia's favourite beer brand, that spike in attention every time they release a new ad dies off within weeks of it's launch. So, when I led the Social Team on this campaign, we committed to connect with everyone who shared and liked the film, which build a global community over night. It proved a little bit of effort goes along way when a brand is trying to build a community.

NAB / Break Up

Every Australian used to think all four big banks were in cahoots, until NAB distanced itself by breaking up with the other 3. I led the Digital Team on this project, which our work started with a simple tweet, and over 24 hours NAB firebombed Australia with hundreds of bits of content that all lead to the biggest break up in financial history.