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When you say 'Innovation' people roll their eyes. Unless you have made something really great.


Hackathons are designed to give your business tech solutions in a matter of days. I have hosted numerous events for small businesses through to enterprise that have resulted in revenue generating ideas. If you'd like to meet for coffee to discuss some options, email me today.

This year CHE Proximity and News Corp joined forces to hack solutions for ad and media's biggest problems. We took the data sets of one of the biggest media agencies in the country and tried to come up with new data, content and digital distribution ideas. The outcome was Emote. A technology that can target people with media based on how they feel. It is currently in BETA, and due for launch in 2017.

ME Bank Life & Loan Calculator

We knew there was an opportunity to improve mortgage calculators, so we threw the challenge into a hackathon of developers, designers, planners and creatives, and out of that, came the Life&Loan calculator. It is the first mortgage calculator to start with questions around your lifestyle, not your budget.

Fearless Smart Watch App

After a string of violent crimes against women in Australia, we hosted a hackathon to help minimise the threat women felt walking the streets at night. The result was the smart watch app, Fearless. With one tap, women can send a beacon to contacts, alerting them of their location, and begin recording audio in real-time.

iSelect Shoot, Send & Save

Every health insurance customer was copping an increase in their rates in April 2016. We wanted to create a moment out of when their letter arrived with their new rate, and prompt them to find a better deal on iSelect. We created a whole new channel in MMS, and guided iSelect through the process internally, as well as the comms to promote the new service. Thousands of people responded, creating enormous untapped revenue for iSelect.


Over the years, I have refined how to think creatively about solving business problems. My Idea Workshops are designed to arm your team with the skills, confidence, and processes to think creatively about your business challenges. If you'd like to meet for coffee to discuss some options, email me today.