I've worked with startups in almost every capacity; as a Founder, an Advisor, and as an Agency Partner. If you're looking to refine your brand, your pitch, or just grow your company, let's talk. 

“In a period of rapid growth, Qsic needed someone that understood how Startups worked. Tommy immediately picked up the needs of our customer and took things to the next level.”
— Nick Larkins - CoFounder Qsic
“Tommy took our ideas and turned them into something that other people understand. He gave us clarity, direction and focus.”
— James - Founder UCROO

Here's how I can help...


I have spent my whole career selling ideas. Over the years, I have grown to learn what makes for a great pitch, and ultimately what it takes get what you are asking for. I have worked with dozens of startups to help them craft pitch documents and presentations.


The first thing that is overlooked in a startup is brand. From the team understanding the 'elevator pitch' verbatim, to crafting the perfect call-to-action for customers, my branding programs are critical for a growing startup.


For a growing startup, every dollar counts. So when it comes to growth you need to test tactics across channels and prove their is fish somewhere before you invest you money there. I can craft a growth strategy that can prove where customers are before you raise, or show a return with smart, calculated marketing tactics.

Please email me to look through case studies or testimonials from previous clients.